Freya Roy – Fantasies (Review)

Freya Roy – Fantasies

Dropped March 15th, Freya Royโ€™s electronic soul single โ€˜Fantasiesโ€™ features Maya Law. Following the success of her acclaimed, MOBO-funded album AHKLE, the songwriterโ€™s latest release is taking from her forthcoming EP. Due for release Autumn 2020, if the EP is anything like this number, weโ€™re in for a treat. As featured across BBC Music Introducing, with airplay on BBC Radio 1 with Huw Stephens and BBC Radio 6 Music, Fantasies has something for everyone under itโ€™s belt. Thereโ€™s layers of electronica, dub, jazz, soul, R&B, indie and so much more to itโ€™s bow.ย 

I havenโ€™t heard something this fresh since Jorja Smith dropped her debut album. Fantasies certainly does have something for everyone in itโ€™s core, but itโ€™s the soulful arrangement that will make you sway in time to the track. Thereโ€™s flavourings of neo soul mixed with even jazz in the mix showcasing an artist staying as true to herself as possible.ย 

Score: 4/5


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