Flashhearts – At Last (Review)

Recorded in February 2019 but released November 1st of 2019, “At Last” is the latest offering from trio Flashhearts. Consisting of Gaz Greenhalgh (Vocals and Guitar), Scott Edwards (Bass) and Andy Nicklin (Drums), the band formed in Autumn 2016. Produced and engineered by James Rabone at Electric Mistress Studios in Lye, the EP was mixed by Jon Simcox, the same duo who handled the controls on the band’s first release “Fears”. With all tracks recorded live with only vocals and some guitar overdubbed, the live recording sound feels raw and a good direction to represent the band’s true sound. 

Friction‘ tells the story of the reality when two immovale objects collide. Taken into a love context, the energetic number uses fragrances of heavy rock to tell the full story. While vocals sound similar to Marilyn Manson in parts, the adrenaline filled track kicks the EP off in a powerful way. ‘Time Providing‘ feels a lot more indie orientated than the first track. It tells the tale of being taken for granted or even taken someone for granted. The songs on the EP draw on everyday themes and makes listeners feel a closer connection to the band’s evolving repertoire.  ‘White Flag‘ has to be my favourite on the EP just for the emotive message that sits behind its core. The tumultuous tale illustrates trying to reel yourself back in to rejoin reality. Still holding onto their energy, it’s fascinating to hear the continual adrenaline from the band with each track.

Why’ is fuelled with nostalgic vibes through it’s elevating instrumentation. It’s about someone that talks nonsense and feels like that person’s selfish and only thinks about themselves. Not the strongest track on the EP, but it’ll be right up your street if you like indie rock mixed with a tad of pop punk. Born out of an unhealthy obsession for all things Horror, the song has become a strong contender in the band’s set. Feeling quite relatable with the ‘beast’, Eddie Mordrake identifies as an anthem on the EP. “Last Bus” closes the EP with euphoria of young lost and rampant lust. With fragrances of The Ramones’ style, Flashhearts have created a solid EP filled with tracks for everyone. 

Score: 6.5/10

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flashheartsofficial/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/flashheartsofficial

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