Esofact – Blocks (Review)

Released via Chillage Records, collaborators Esofact released their new single “Blocks”. Comprising of Urple Eeple (Peter Farr) and Isturite’s (Kevin Welch), the track is taken off their self titled EP to be released sometime this year. After meeting in their teens, they eventually decided to collaborate and released their first single as Esofact in 2014. Identifying that the rest is simply history, it’s the band’s history that’s shaped them to where they are now. Drawing influences from the likes of Pusher, Ekali and Gillepsy to name a few, they draw parallel to acts such as Flume, Wave Racer and Cashmere Cat.

Experimental with a glitch-like atmosphere, the texture of the track formulates from the get-go. Seemingly making music without boundaries, ‘Blocks’ proves that the duo bounce off each other with each release. On the track, they said:  “Blocks is a piece we wrote about grappling with modern society’s obsession with putting you into a box.  The music industry has this obsession with labelling you.  “Oh, you make bass music.”  “Oh, this sounds like future bass.”  “Oh, this is beats.”  We wrote blocks to break genre boundaries as our way of breaking out of the predefined labels the music industry seems obsessed with sticking onto you.  Sometimes music is just music, and you need to sit back and enjoy it.  Turn off the part of your brain that wants to label what it is, and simply enjoy it.”

Score: 3/5


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