Rookes – Salvage (Review)

Taken off the new EP ‘Liminal’, the fresh visuals for Salvage sees Rookes intimate and close with her listeners. Bringing you up to speed on the EP, Liminal is drenched with tension and ecstasy of Rookes’ own love stories across a two-year period as she began to explore her queer identity across the London dating scene. Emotive vocals weave between joy, discovery and despair across the EP while capturing a pure indie-pop essence. Known for her charismatic and commanding stage presence, there’s an experimental feel with this artists repertoire. 

On the video, Rookes had this to say: “The Salvage video is meant to show something of the fretful and mundane nature of regret. You might be sitting silently, but inside you’re roaring with the things you now feel you cannot say”.

Simply breathtaking and in awe of what’s being portrayed on the screen, this video needs your attention and to be heard with it’s message. An empowering female artist that’s destined to be the next big thing in the indie-pop world.

Score: 4/5


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