Fractures ft ROZES – Chains (Review)

Melbourne based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Fractures returns with the release of “Chains” featuring ROZES. Out on FADER label, the pair embrace a pop atmosphere that brings a special force between the exceptional collaboration. Set to return with a collection of tracks in the new year, Fractures has a new project called EP III due out on FADER label. The way that both voices intertwine together is completely spellbinding.

“Pop music influences a lot of my decisions no matter what music I write especially in my melodies,” says Mark Zito of Fractures. “My collaboration with ROZES on ‘Chains’ really exemplifies this. There’s a power in her voice that’s undeniable and in my case, inimitable, and the combination of the two of us adds a dimension to my music that I haven’t explored enough.”

“Chains” is about an abrupt end and reflecting on what came before it, stuck between moving on and holding out hope. The music video is a visual metaphor for being unable to see what lies ahead while continuing to look back. 

Both visually and through vocals, the story finds Fractures soul searching. The clearness of the track is simply a breath of fresh air. While the track may be a new avenue for Fractures to endeavour, the songwriter feels right at home on this number. 

Score: 3/5

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