Firewoodisland – Hollow Coves (Review)

Bristol-based Norwegian/Welsh duo Firewoodisland return with their latest release β€œHollow Coves”. Released September 27th, the track has received support from BBC Radio 6 and media outlets across the internet. Comprised of Stian VedΓΈy and Abi Eleri, the duo ignite a folk-pop sound, drawing influences to artists such as Bon Iver and Of Monsters and Men.Β 

Labelling their sound as β€˜mountain pop’, they combine fragrances of memorable pop music with the vulnerability of indie. Soaring the soundscape with falsetto vocals, the experimental number fuses a fresh feeling of gaining hope again after losing it. Stian and Abi stated:Β Hollow Coves is about reaching the point of having nothing left to give and meeting someone with a fresh perspective who breathes new life into those empty places. It acts as a reminder that we’re not made to do life by ourselves.” Accompanied by elegance and beauty, the surreal production feels close to nature. Another strong single in the band’s discography.Β 

Score: 4/5


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