Chantitown – Strong in Broken Places (Review)

British folktronica singer-songwriter and producer Chantitown releases new single โ€œStrong in Broken Placesโ€. Taken from her upcoming EP โ€˜Camouflageโ€™,which will be released 11th October, the track was released September 20th. Born and bred in London, known as a city full of mystery and business, Chantitown draws inspiration from a wide variety of fellow singer-songwriters. Including the passion of Jose Gonzรกlez, and the distinctive voices of Aurora, her sound could be compared to artists such as Lorde and Lamb. Experimental and avant-garde, โ€˜Strong in Broken Placesโ€™ is fuelled with passion.

Armed with rhythmical lyrics and a statement of poetry, the sensational composition ignites an ethereal feel to itโ€™s core. Hearing the truth right until the end, โ€˜Strong in Broken Placesโ€™ comes from an honest place. Folk meets electronic meets synth-pop, the diverse sound is at the highest of quality. If the upcoming EP is anything like this number, fans will go crazy. A strong track with the most gorgeous vocal vibrato Iโ€™ve heard all year.ย 

Score: 4/5


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