Chantitown – Strong in Broken Places (Review)

British folktronica singer-songwriter and producer Chantitown releases new single “Strong in Broken Places”. Taken from her upcoming EP ‘Camouflage’,which will be released 11th October, the track was released September 20th. Born and bred in London, known as a city full of mystery and business, Chantitown draws inspiration from a wide variety of fellow singer-songwriters. Including the passion of Jose González, and the distinctive voices of Aurora, her sound could be compared to artists such as Lorde and Lamb. Experimental and avant-garde, ‘Strong in Broken Places’ is fuelled with passion.

Armed with rhythmical lyrics and a statement of poetry, the sensational composition ignites an ethereal feel to it’s core. Hearing the truth right until the end, ‘Strong in Broken Places’ comes from an honest place. Folk meets electronic meets synth-pop, the diverse sound is at the highest of quality. If the upcoming EP is anything like this number, fans will go crazy. A strong track with the most gorgeous vocal vibrato I’ve heard all year. 

Score: 4/5


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