Sunset Jet – Scarlett (Review)

Indie rock quartet Sunset Jet breeze the atmosphere with the truly delightful “Scarlett”. A track that’s about trying to work out where you fit in the world, it was written from the stream of consciousness that was flowing while thinking this. Including a hypnotic indie chord progression, the dream like nature of the number summits nostalgic vibes throughout. 

Beginning with a ‘simplicity is key’ type of arrangement, the sudden twist in the track is completely unpredictable. Unexpected and jumping into a different style, the vulnerability at the beginning of the song feels reassured from the highly energetic shake that happens just before halfway through. Suitable to listen when feeling low, the indie lyrics nudges towards The Beach Boys songwriting approach whereas musically, it wonders towards a McFly arrangement. A pure original track that fits perfectly in Sunset Jet’s repertoire. 

Score: 3.5/5


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