Garrington T. Jones – Dead Roses

Worcestershire based singer-songwriter Garrington T. Jones returns with his brand new album “Dead Roses”. Known for being an accomplished instrumentalist, vocalist and harmonica player, is there anything he can’t do? Teaming up with Dave Draper as producer, the collection of new tracks on the release shape a blend of blues music with a gorgeous acoustic aura. Carrying a bag of emotions for the journey, the ten track album was released September 1st.

Leading title track “Dead Roses” leads us through a country rock feel that tells the story of a life that simply isn’t a ‘bed of roses’. Each verse takes us down a different avenue of the story, and the folk-like lyrics intertwine with the song’s structure perfectly. As the song progresses, it seems like the relationship in the song deteriorates. ‘All she left were dead roses’ plays a sad part of the song but a sentimental feeling of hope for the future. ‘Homecoming Blues’ features a stunning guitar tone while the harmonica plays a crucial part in the track’s arrangement. A track about missing home, but home may not exactly be a place. Instead, it’s about missing that special someone that gives you that ‘safe place’ atmosphere that you feel when you’re at home. 

Sorry My Dear” takes your attention and doesn’t let go of it. Gripping you in with it’s killer attitude, the contagious charisma of Garrington’s vocals rolls off the tongue like a bowling ball heading straight for a strike. A traditional blues arrangement that whips up a modern day cocktail of blues rock. A stand out track on the album so far. “A Stranger Is A Friend (You Haven’t Yet Met)” blends folk with a classic country structure. Gentle and calming in a way that you can hear all the instruments at their most prominent, the message of the song is simply beautiful. We are all strangers to begin with, but if you make that first move, that stranger could become someone very important in your life. A song that longs for close friendships and radiant smiles.

Much Better in The Ground”  takes us through a playful journey of comedic lyrics. Tim Griffin wrote the lyrics while Garrington arranged the music. A tight companionship that you won’t get tired of hearing. As for the track, the use of rhyming each line plays a big part in remembering the track. Lyrically, it takes us through a journey of homicide but Garrington has explained that “nobody was hurt recording this track, just a few sore ribs and damp eyes from laughter!” “The Lonely Diner” begins with a early 60’s arrangement that would fit in the psychedelia revival. When the track fully enters, it storms back to it’s singer-songwriter roots. Joining Garrington with help on the lyrics and the music on this number was R Wall. As for the story, it tells the tale of dining alone and how it can be liberating but you get the occasional look from a stranger of “Who is that guy? Why is he alone?”

I Believe The Unions Will Rise Again One Day” lyrics were written by the late Australian artist Chris Wilson. As an ode to him as such, the soulful performance highlights an emotive journey on the album so far. Featured on Chris’s ‘Flying Fish’ album, Garrington first heard the track in December. A breathtaking performance that may leave you with a few tears.  “Never Tell A Woman” may be an oldie goldie in Garrington’s discography, but the modern take on the number is the best to date. Freshly accompanied with a new face, the line up of instruments on the track gives it that extra power that it truly needed. 

Watch Me Go Blues” fuses classic rock with an infectious blues arrangement. A song that anyone can simply ‘howl’, it draws influence from Howlin’ Wolf and simply will rock your world.  As the album closer, you always need a track that will simply push you into the future with a careful hand to always return. “Bird On A Wire” cherishes a gorgeous arrangement and a message that will leave you breathless. Telling the story of wanting to simply fly away from a job that you don’t want to work in, the dream lives on and the levels of freedom within this track feels vibrant, just like a birds wings. A great album from a local legend. 

Score: 7/10


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