Introducing: The Other Dramas

Two piece garage rock band The Other Dramas return with two new singles. Comprising of Maria IIett (guitar/vocals) and Richie Wildsmith (drums/vocals), the two piece are from Oxford and have gained support from BBC Introducing as well as household names such as Nightshift Magazine and She Makes Music to name a few. With festivals all over the summer, The Other Dramas are set to play Worcester Music Festival next, and I’m looking forward to hearing their set live. Think Blondie meets Wolf Alice but with ounces of added fuzz, sounds cool huh?

“I’ll See You Again” is 2 minutes 55 of pure infectious melodies. Featuring a tremolo fuzz that will float around your head for days to come, the track holds a strong visual throughout. Telling a tale of loss, regret and hope for something better, the single includes luscious harmonies that flow easily through all the sections. 

Fools Like Us” includes a more energetic performance then the previous single. It’s like The Ting Tings jammed with Blondie and created The Other Dramas. A coming of age track that’ll get your foot tapping in no time. I must say, the sound that the duo have created is fierce and proves that even as a duo they can be as loud as a 10 piece band. Strong singles from the two piece and I’m very much looking forward to hearing them at Worcester Music Festival. 

Score: 4/5


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