Christian French – Hungover Sunday (Review)

Rising alt-popstar Christian French returns with Tom Misch influenced single “Hungover Sunday”. Over the past two years, the songwriter has developed a strong dedicated fanbase. With a solid 1.5million monthly listeners and over 100million streams over streaming sites, it’s safe to say the singer is aiming for the stars. Self taught from the beginning, Christian’s new single is a flavouring of what it feels like to be on your way to the top. 

Smooth vocals are coated across the arrangement like velvet. As a structure, the song doesn’t escalate as well as it could have, but the chilled vibe that it portrays is relaxing. You don’t need heavy production for a ‘hungover kind of Sunday’. Easy listening and pleasantly getting the point across, the simple electric guitar soothes the aura with a jazz based rhythm. Based around a soul development, the 22 year old is heating the summer up with the infectious track.

Score: 3/5


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