Cooper Phillip – Low Key (Review)

Released back at the end of May, Cooper Phillip has dropped the music video for β€œLow Key”. Russian born, LA based, the songwriter captures an intense soundscape through her exceptional vocal range. With highly anticipate upcoming release β€œSpeak In Tongues” coming up very soon, the music video compliments Cooper and her music perfectly. Starring Netflix star Michael Mitchell, it showcases the story of a girl feeling unimportant in their relationship. As for the dance routine, wow! Choreographed by Mariah Carey’s dancer, G.Madison, it’s safe to say that Cooper is working with the best.

β€œLow Key” is an infectious pop anthem that you won’t be able to get out your mind. Soaring a synth based soundscape, the song (like the video) narrates feeling unwanted in a relationship. I love how the song is quite motivational as it leads to making a final decision of cutting all ties from the toxic relationship. Soulful vocals summit the air around the electronic production. A strong contender in Cooper’s back catalogue.

Score: 3/5


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