Ellis Thomas – Summer Rain (Review)

Here we meet singer-songwriter Ellis Thomas from Porthcawl, South Wales. He’s released his debut single today, how exciting! For a debut track, you need something that’s going to be a wonderful introductory to your music and showcases your ability. Ellis Thomas’ ‘Summer Rain’ glows within the folk genre and completely pulls at your heart-strings. The track is based around a relationship which seems to have gone sour, but feelings are still there. Lyrics such as “I dreamed of her again last night, It’s been a year, I’m still not right” implies that moving on is a lot harder than you think, until you’re in that position, you don’t realise. My favourite lyric has to be “her words proceed to shake my spine, I find it tough to verbalise.” This girl has a lot of power which is heartbreaking and relatable. I’m sure we’ve all been through a situation where you are head over heels in love with someone and the relationship doesn’t work out.

Trying to put your words onto paper or verbally speak what you feel is of course going to be hard, specially for someone who struggles to communicate and get their point across. Saying that, honesty and trust is always the key for a relationship. Ellis does a perfect imagery of lack of communication in a relationship, and hearing everything from his perspective draws us in more and more. As for the instrumentation, the guitar tone is stunning and completely captivating. The chords and approach to the simple acoustic track reminds me of Tommy Emmanuel’s timbre. Fans of Ben Howard for say love how songs of his features a stripped back approach. The simplicity and pureness of Summer Rain is truthful and emotional. Who needs an overproduced track when you can just record what you have in it’s purity. Produced by Aidan PouncyParagon Audio, the production is absolutely spot on and examines the track’s concept entirely. I’m really looking forward to future releases from Ellis.

Artwork by Dan Shearer & Alina Hibbert.

Score: 4/5


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