2020 Singles

ÄTNA – Made By Desire (Review)

Creative German duo ÄTNA show a formerly unknown side in their latest single ‘Made By Desire’. Their organic avant-garde approach to music reminisces artists such as Christine and the Queens in the recent release. As the title track from their forthcoming debut, self titled album, the latest offering showcases the future is looking bright for… Continue reading ÄTNA – Made By Desire (Review)

2019 Singles

Cesar Saez – If You (Review)

Mexican psych baroque pop Cesar Saez will fuel your aura with the infectious James Bond-esque “If You”. Avant-garde and featuring an arrangement filled of passionate vocals, lush string sections and gritty psychedelic guitars, the single details lost love and heartbreak. Co produced with Luis Los and Luis Aguilar (Vaya Futuro) and Grammy nominated Spanish producer/engineer… Continue reading Cesar Saez – If You (Review)

2018 EPs/Albums

Valerio Lysander- We Are Like Coloured Moths Towards the Sunlight (Review)

Released on the 21st July, I'm finally getting round to reviewing Valerio Lysander's wonderful album. The album was recorded in various locations across Rome and London with influences from Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor and Sufjan Stevens to name a few. A little bit about Valerio first is that he's a British based Italian artist who has performed all over Europe. He situates in the genres Baroque Pop,… Continue reading Valerio Lysander- We Are Like Coloured Moths Towards the Sunlight (Review)

1980 Albums, Classic Album Review

Kate Bush – Hounds of Love (Classic Album Review)

She is known for her distinctive voice and extraordinary compositions, but Kate Bush is still a lot more than that. She is the Queen of Art Pop/Rock, in my eyes. I decided to write a "classic album review" for the first time, and what better than reviewing one of Bush's masterpieces; "Hounds of Love." It is… Continue reading Kate Bush – Hounds of Love (Classic Album Review)