2019 Singles

Gothic Tropic – Drunk on a Rhythm (Review)

Indie pop artist Cecilia Della Peruti is based in LA. Going under the stage name Gothic Tropic, she’s recently released her latest single “Drunk on a Rhythm”. Being her first released since her 2017 album Fast or Feast, the new single is from her upcoming album. All steam ahead for Cecilia as she’s hard at… Continue reading Gothic Tropic – Drunk on a Rhythm (Review)

2019 Singles

Tadhg Daly – Stuck in The Middle (Review)

Tadhg Daly returns with brand new single “Stuck in The Middle”. A recent MoggBlog artist, it’s no surprise that Tadhg is getting the recognition that he truly deserves. Receiving praising from the BBC and Gigslutz to name a few, the born and bred Jersey artist is leaping his way into the alternative pop scene good… Continue reading Tadhg Daly – Stuck in The Middle (Review)

2019 Singles

Elizsabeth – I Choose Myself (Review)

London alt-pop Elizsabeth returns with her first single of the year “I Choose Myself”. After years of struggling with anxiety and constantly comparing herself to others, Elizsabeth’s wounds are healing with the beautiful new single. With an empowering message about self-love and self-growth, this track can speak to anyone on many different levels. Hearing a… Continue reading Elizsabeth – I Choose Myself (Review)

2019 Singles

Amistat – Love & Light (Review)

Twin brothers Amistat return with the warming folk number “Love & Light”. Born in Germany but raised in Italy, the European brothers blended their roots with their new adventure of moving to Australia. Creating a fanbase across the globe, their sound is filled with pure honesty and a beautiful atmosphere of harmonies. The new single… Continue reading Amistat – Love & Light (Review)

2019 Singles

Stanley Duke and the Kindred Spirits – Collagen (Review)

Stanley Duke from Lost Dawn returns with a brand new project - Stanley Duke & The Kindred Spirits. Theatrical and psychedelic, the collective fuse rock and roll with a pop twist. Their first single “Collagen” dropped July 26th and has been proving that this new concept for Stanley is capturing his true vision.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unVKRqN6KKc Delivering… Continue reading Stanley Duke and the Kindred Spirits – Collagen (Review)

2019 Singles

The Brookes – Spaceship Rodeo (Review)

Captivating quartet The Brookes hail from Grimsby. Delivering a vibrant, electrifying set through studio quality, they return with “Spaceship Rodeo”. The youngster showcase a refreshing 70’s sound merged with the indie music scene that the world is currently in. For youngsters, their level of maturity illustrates their progression. Putting heart and soul into every performance,… Continue reading The Brookes – Spaceship Rodeo (Review)

2019 Singles

Francis – Fade Away (Review)

Consisting of singer-songwriter Alex Wesley and an ever changing collection of musicians that create the music, Francis is a Milton Keynes based collective. Born in Milton Keynes, Alex began playing music at the age of 4 with learning the piano before comfortable landing on the guitar as well. Influences include Foo Fighters and Coldplay, “Fade… Continue reading Francis – Fade Away (Review)

2019 Albums

Ash Walker – Aquamarine (Review)

London based multi-instrumentalist Ash Walker returns with his third career instalment, the enchanting album “Aquamarine”. Released July 19th via Night Times Stories, the tranquil nature of the album feels like you’re floating on a calm sea in a boat filled of happiness. With a back catalogue of strong contenders, the colourful new release keeps a… Continue reading Ash Walker – Aquamarine (Review)

2019 EPs

SUNGLO – Are You Happy? (Review)

Previous MoggBlog stars SUNGLO summit the air with their fierce take on grunge fuzz. Here with their debut EP “Are You Happy?”, the EP was released a week ago today. Already circulating recognition, the Manchester based fuzz rockers uplift the aura with an psychedelic grunge fusion.  "Rainpour" takes to the stage as the EP’s opener.… Continue reading SUNGLO – Are You Happy? (Review)

2019 Singles

Natalie Shay – People Like Me (Review)

London based Natalie Shay has dropped her most infectious track to date! “People Like Me” brings nostalgic 80’s vibes to the table and tells the story of how social media can act like a mask, bringing a rose tinted frame to what’s actually going behind closed doors. It also implicates the story of challenges that… Continue reading Natalie Shay – People Like Me (Review)