Kaelin Ellis – The Funk Will Prevail

Orlando based producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Kaelin Ellis is back on the scene with a new album entitled THE FUNK WILL PREVAIL that smoothly glides between hip-hop, jazz, lo-fi and electronic music over 14 tracks. Featuring collaborators Carrtoons, The Kount, CS Armstrong, and a handful of other the project is filled with all sorts of influences and is an eclectic yet cohesive body of work that deserves your attention and once again proves that Kaelin Ellis is a special artist to keep an eye on. 

Fourteen tracks of funk, soul, hip-hop, dance and even elements of disco, ‘The Funk Will Prevail’ is easily one of the strongest releases of the year. Bathed with modern production yet still paying ode to yesteryears, there’s something for everyone buried within it.

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