juuku & farrah – heart strings

Juuku and Farrah. Two names that have quickly taken the EDM scene by storm with singles like “Hollow” and “Just Lost.” Together, the two have now teamed up to create their latest emotionally charged original, “heart strings.” Heart Strings showcases each creator’s unique ability to take their listeners on a journey through their undeniable production prowess and intense delivery methods. What makes this original so special is how the two artists were able to find a way to make each of their production styles beautifully clash together throughout the duration of the song. For the first minute, it’s a piece of Gregorian-like humming that slowly begins to blend the drums and piano into a fashion that leads into an unexpected metallic drop. Throughout the song, we’re taken back and forth on this journey between airy dreaminess and chaotic falling as the second drop brings even more beautiful disarray with an RL Grime-esque build up and drop. 

Once again, Juuku and Farrah have brought the heat, but this time have done so together while incorporating each of their own distinctive sounds that make them who we have come to admire. As for the future of both artists, I foresee a lot of growth in the next year with hopefully some more shows and collaborations like these this summer. 

‘Heart strings’ is the brainchild of what an emotional, nostalgic, and a beautiful soundscape of controlled chaos would sound like. When I close my eyes, I envision being at a beach with a loved one during a sunset and all the bottled up feelings are released without strings attached. Juuku and Farrah’s euphoric and hard hitting styles capture what that being in love may sound like.” – juuku x farrah

A gorgeous number with a transcending nature, this will certain have your heart strings pulling.

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