merry choppins – ib2up ft Tim Gent & one beat funk

merry choppins reveals double single ‘ib2up’ and ‘one beat funk’. If you’ve been following MoggBlog for a while, you’ll know how much I love his music. Experimenting with elements of electronic, pop, hip-hop, funk and alternative, there’s no way you can fully label merry choppins’ music. The double single is experimental and fuses ethereal moments throughout.

ib2up started as a hook idea from Tim. I just kept coming back to it after the initial session and tried producing different versions behind it. It went from a hype anthem, to a chill trap beat, and many versions in between. I finally landed on this production on the 6th version of the song when I threw Tim’s acapella over a rap beat I was making, and it finally felt like the song had a home.” – merry choppins 

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