Interview with Lon’nie

American singer-songwriter Lon’nie is an artist on the way to achieving stardom. Discovering his passion for 80’s rock and pop from a young age, Lon’nie adopted the happy-go-lucky style of the decades into his own musical musings with vengeance. With his previous releases ‘Won’t Let You Go’ and ‘Dreams’, both singles have racked up to over 495,000 and 576,000 streams on Spotify alone. Known for his unique approach to gaining worldwide attention, Lon’nie looks set to continue his success with further releases planned for the foreseeable future.

To anyone new to your music, describe your sound in three words

Fun, electrifying and nostalgic.

Who are your main influences and why?

Number 1 got to be James brown because of his confidence and dance moves on stage. Next one will be Journey and Def Leppard from the 80s, my favourite song from them is called “ loves bites “ I just love the way the guitars sound in the music. That music in that time is timeless and magical, Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions my favourite song from them is called “ no one like you “ the list goes on.

Do you prefer performing live or recording, and why?

 I love both but my favorite will be performing live because it’s like you can become another character on stage, it’s like acting out a play.

What would be your dream support gig?

Rolling loud and summer jam but the ultimate one will be the super bowl !! Why because that’s the grand gig of all time, everybody’s watching you !!!

What’s the best advice you’d give to your younger self?

Good one well I would say keep your circle small, study energy because base on  scientific facts we are made of energy, trust your intuition because you can avoid so many negative people in life. Watch your thoughts they become things, your thoughts are a frequency ,a vibration  think positive and do meditation 

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