Interview with Josie Moon

New Zealand singer-songwriter Josie Moon creates hypnotic, timeless music with an edgy pop vibe. Not shy of the stage, Moon has clocked live performances alongside Tash Sultana, Chelsea Jade, Physical and Thomston; and has made festival appearances including Rhythm & Vines (Main Stage) and The Others Way. Moon’s commercial debut EP ‘Rose Tinted’ (2018) was well received by critics and fans alike – Achieving 4 stars in the NZ Herald, #1 iTunes Top 200 Pop Chart (Czech Republic), ‘After Hours’ reaching #9 on the NZ Viral 50 Chart; and TV/Radio support from MTV, The Edge, ZM, RNZ National & George FM. Back with her strongest effort to date, ‘Más Que Nada’ keeps the momentum going for the Wellington based singer-producer as one of the most exciting new talents.

What made you decide that music is the right path for you?

Deciding to do music was a really hard decision for me. It came at a time when I was at my very lowest. I was depressed and suffering from social anxiety. Working on music was the only pathway that gave me enough hope to keep trying to get through that situation. A lot of people around me were against it at first and saw it as me throwing away opportunities afforded to me, but it brought me excitement and hope and I latched very firmly onto that.

What’s your writing process like? Do you write the music or lyrics first?

Early on I wrote the lyrics first and tried to fit them into music later, but it felt too forced. As I got more into music production it became a lot easier for me to build the instrumental as the skeleton of the song and then work vocal melodies through that. Lyrics act as the final addition to the song and they’re usually what I end up taking the longest to complete.

Do you prefer performing live or recording, and why?

I definitely prefer performing live over recording. Recording is a very stressful and perfection focused environment and I really push myself to make every moment the best it can technically be. When I perform live I have the support and energy of everyone else in the room and your
focus becomes building and maintaining an atmosphere for them. That process is a lot more immediately rewarding and satisfying to do.

Who are your main musical influences and why?

I latch on to musicians who are very raw in their lyrical expression, as well as those who can experiment between multiple genres. My top 3 as I’ve been making music have been Agust D, Dean, and The 1975

What’s the best advice you’d give to your younger self?

Gravitate towards and collect the things that bring you joy, it’s going to help you find what you
want to do so much more than allowing people to tell you what they want for you.

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