Shooting straight for the sky, SEVNTEEN is an artist determined to change the rap industry forever. Armed with natural swagger that commands your attention, SEVNTEEN’s music delivers distinctive energy and effortless production. Consisting of big synths and hard-hitting drums, ‘Sky High‘ is the first official track and music video that SEVNTEEN has released.

“‘Sky High’ is about reaching new heights,” the 19-year-old artist explains. “It’s also about having fun, and I had a lot of fun creating this song. I was sky high when I made it. The whole purpose of the track is to create a different vibe and that’s what I did here. The video is amazing. The shoot process was a surreal experience. Shout out to GT Films because they did their thing. I’m excited for everyone to see it. It’s amazing to see all the hard work I’ve put in come to life.”

The track and visual complement each other very well: SEVNTEEN’s inspired on-screen performance drives the track to new heights. He’s found a way to blend current aesthetics to create a unique style; the product is an enticing image for fans and listeners to grasp onto. As an artist who’s at the forefront of rap’s new sound and style, SEVNTEEN is positioned to make a grand entrance with “Sky High”.

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