Stove God Cooks – That’s the Game

Rapper Stove God Cooks returns with elevating release ‘That’s the Game’. Sitting at over 550,000 views, the artist has received praise from Billboard, COMPLEX, DJ Booth and many more outlets online. Putting together a masterful performance on his debut project, ‘Reasonable Drought’, Stove God Cooks is an artist that naturally stands out from the crowd due to his distinctive songwriting. Armed with confidence and attitude, ‘That’s the Game’ nudges yesteryear acts but still comes across as vividly original and refreshing to today’s times.

Straight off the mark from touring with Dubbo and Conway the Machine, Stove God Cooks is a leading voice in the world of hip-hop and comes across as a lyrical genius. Wanting to be mentioned in the same breath as today’s biggest stars, Stove God Cooks is certainly an artist destined for greatness.

Follow Stove God Cooks on Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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