Interview with Evol Walks

Australian-born, Los Angeles based artist Evol Walks has rapidly emerged as an energetic and enigmatic act to follow. With a healthy chunk of attitude, a dynamite lead singer and a predilection for time-honoured rock ’n’ roll, Evol Walks was originally formed in LA by flame-haired Australian-born Leah Martin-Brown. Having shared stages and lineups with the likes of Johnny Depp, Nita Strauss, The Killers, Everclear, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nancy Wilson, Black Label Society, Within Temptation and many more, Evol Walks’ hard edge takes inspiration from rock legends.

Introduce yourself (yourselves) and your hidden talent!

My name is Leah Martin-Brown and I am the Vocalist and Songwriter for rock and roll band Evol Walks and my hidden talent is that I am exceptional with Excel Spreadsheets… I can also whistle using two fingers! Haha

What made you decide that music is the right path for you?

I’m only speaking for myself and not the rest of the band here… but I didn’t really decide that music was my path. As corny as it sounds it just seemed destined to be. In my mind there were no other options to even consider or pursue. I’ve been very set on this since I was a child, I’m a very stubborn person once my mind is set.

What’s your writing process like? Do you write the music or lyrics first?

It really depends. I like to write random phrases, small rhymes, sayings and poems and they occasionally morph into songs. Some good examples are our songs ‘Heartbreakin’ Woman, The Other Side and Without Me. Other times, I’ll have a melody or a riff idea or sound I am hooked on and I will try and convey this feeling to the person I am co-writing with to see what we can come up with collectively. It is always a different process depending on who I am writing with or what kind of song I am trying to create for us.

Do you prefer performing live or recording, and why?

This is such a tough question. For me- I am passionate about being onstage and performing. I love the adrenaline rush, I love watching the faces of people in the Crowd and I love seeing a huge group of humans coming together and just really vibing. Being in the studio is so special because you are creating new stories and finding the best sounding ways to tell them… but i will never beat performing live in my book.

What’s the best advice you’d give to your younger self?

Sleep more, eat better food and don’t ever give up! It’s worth it x

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