Interview with Carina Torres

Independent singer-songwriter Carina Torres returns with the addictive new single ‘Count on Me’. A track that has had a great response from live audiences, the release is her fourth single to date. Having grown up in the south of Brazil and moving to Barcelona when she was a teenager, Carina now resides and performs in London. She carried her passion for music and performing through many years of training during her teenage years. She moved to the UK to study Musical Theatre Triple Threat at the University of Chichester. There, she graduated with First Class Honours in May of 2020.

Introduce yourself (yourselves) and your hidden talent!

I’m Carina Torres. I am a Spanish and Brazilian independent singersongwriter, currently based in London. I’ve been releasing music since the beginning of this year but have been performing since I was really young. I wrote my first song at 16 after my first breakup/heartbreak and got addicted to it. Very cliché, I know. My hidden talent is that I’m really good at latte art! I have worked in many cafés and restaurants so I guess that paid off! And I’m great to go charity shopping with because I somehow always spot the best finds!

What made you decide that music is the right path for you?

I actually come from a musical theatre background and I have trained and performed since I was really young. I trained in Musical Theatre at University and I graduated last year , and because I graduated during lockdown, I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to do after, especially since theatre didn’t seem to be an option at that point. I still absolutely love theatre but I realised I have an even bigger passion for songwriting and I decided to dive deeper into it, learn and experiment. I finally gave the hidden dream I’d always had of having a career in the music industry a chance. Now that dream is no longer hidden, and I am so grateful that I allowed myself to start this journey. I’ve always known that I needed to follow an artistic and creative career. A lot of my family is artistically inclined and I always had incredible support from them. I am truly blessed and privileged to be in a position where I have the option
to pursue something that I love so much and makes me so happy. Music is just such a huge part of my ife, I don’t know who I would be without it.

Do you prefer performing live or recording, and why?

I’d definitely have to say performing live. Again, heavily influenced by my theatre background. There is something about that unique moment when you are singing in front of an audience. No performance will ever be the same, you might notice different things going on in the room while singing, or lock eyes with someone in the audience, or catch someone smiling, and all those little things make each performance completely different and special. You get into a different zone and it is all about that moment, nothing else matters. It is truly something special that I will never get tired of.

What’s the best advice you’d give to your younger self?

Don’t get caught up on how people view you and what they think of you. Focus on being kind to others and nurturing the aspects of yourself that you value and aspire to become someone you admire. Your physical appearance is the least important thing about you. I struggled with body image and confidence for most of my teenage years and my relationship with food, exercise and my body was very damaging. I wish I spent less time worrying about all of that, it took me years to see myself as a beautiful person no matter the circumstance.

Tell MoggBlog viewers about your latest release! What’s the inspiration behind that?

I wrote “Count on Me” on my piano at the beginning of this year and it just seemed to pour out of me, I didn’t have to overthink it at all. I instantly loved it and knew it was a special one. I wanted to make it into a fun love song, one that you can dance and have a good time to, and also expresses the happiness that I feel in this love.

The music video is definitely my favourite one that we’ve done so far. I wanted to reflect the love and trustI have in my friendships. The song is not about friendship, neither is the video, but we’d all be lying if we said our friends aren’t a huge part of our romantic relationships. It’s about the moments when we get all giddy about someone while you talk about them to a friend, or call them to tell them how a date went or even when we’ve said “I love you”. I wanted to reflect that in the video, making it about those fun moments with your girlfriends, while keeping the song dedicated to the person it is dedicated to.

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