Interview with Eva Westphal

To anyone new to your music, name 3 words that best describe your sound.

Folk-pop, hopeful, lyric-focused

What made you decide that music is the right path for you?

There’s nothing I love more than music. It really is the closest thing to magic — like how freaking cool is it that soundwaves can communicate our deepest emotions? How cool is it that I’ve been able to connect with others with songs? Basically, music has always been and will always be the most consistent, magical thing in my life.

Do you prefer performing live or recording, and why?

I actually love both for different reasons — performing live gives me the chance to connect directly with listeners and perform different versions of the same song, but recording allows me to focus exclusively on a track and making it the best version of that song I could possibly make in that moment. I also owe so much of my love for recording to my amazing producer, KAIYI, who pushes me every release to switch it up and enjoy the process.

What’s the best advice you’d give to your younger self?

I’m not sure if this is advice, but I’d just want to tell her that 21 year old Eva is so proud of her and loves her so much. I would tell her that things do get better, that high school doesn’t last forever, and that recovery is so possible. I’m also just so grateful to my younger self for choosing recovery — it’s the reason I get to live the life I have today.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

The internet has given artists a unique chance to connect directly to listeners and in my opinion, has somewhat democratized the music industry by giving everyone the chance to get exposure. Of course, it’s also brutal to feel like it’s hard to break through the noise, so that’s the flipside, but as someone who has social media to thank for the bulk of her growth, I mostly just feel gratitude that I get to be a musician right now, when the internet gives me the opportunity to connect directly with listeners.

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