Interview with JJ Doze

I caught up with inspiring artist JJ Doze to discuss his latest release and what’s next for him.

To anyone new to your music, name 3 words that best describe your sound.

3 words that best describe my sound are melancholic, pessimism, & truth.

Introduce yourself (yourselves) and your hidden talent!

My name is JJ Doze, & I believe my hidden talent may be directing music videos. I make sure the story being shown in the video enhances the story being told in the song itself, & by making that happen, there has to be a connection between both the video & the song. 3. I don’t think I decided music is the right path for me, it’s more that music has grown on me over the time. Once I realized that when I’m doing anything music related, & I’m not focusing on the fun, just having straight seriousness (like tunnel vision), but the fun & joy comes within it, that’s when I realized that music is the right for me.

Who are your main musical influences and why?

When it comes up to lyrics, I’d say Dax &/or Em. Their punchlines & hidden bars where you’d need to piece the puzzle together to understand it, is what’s crazy, & I want to be able to do that craziness. If it was to come up to vulnerability, I’d say NF & Sasha Sloan. I love that their music allows people to not feel alone. Having a huge impact on someone’s life like that is motivational. If it was to come up to melodies, I’d say EDEN. He can definitely keep their audience engaged throughout the entire song. 

What’s the best advice you’d give to your younger self?

Be patient. Things will get better. Even if you feel like it doesn’t, learn so it can be preventable in the future. If you learn, you’re accepting defeat. Once you accept it, you have the ability to know what can be done differently. That’s growing. 

Tell MoggBlog viewers about your latest release! What’s the inspiration behind that?

Have you ever struggled with your identity? Or knowing your purpose in life? Or understanding your character in general? If you have, you can understand how difficult it is to live with that burden. It can make you constantly criticize yourself. With constant criticism, it’s difficult to be positive since you remain surrounded with negative energy. In my song, Who Am I, I share bits of my experiences on how I can relate with that burden. If you’re one of those people who can relate, then I believe this song can be very touching for you. If you believe you don’t relate, then feel free to share the song with someone you believe who can. In the meantime, enjoy the energetic fueledness that’s being presented in this song.

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