Interview with Michelle Ward

Essex based singer-songwriter and radio presenter Michelle Ward stopped to chat about new release ‘Dolly Daydreaming’, music recommendations, the best advice she’d give to her younger self and many more!

Introduce yourself (yourselves) and your hidden talent!

Hello! I am Michelle Ward a singer, songwriter (and radio presenter) from Essex. I have worked behind the scenes in music and am stepping into the light as an artist myself. I have just released my debut track DOLLY DAYDREAMING which was released due to several synchronistic events. It was the right time to release my debut. My hidden talent is making a wicked chocolate and strawberry pavlova that will have you crying with delight (unless of course you hate meringues in that cause you’re done for and who hates meringues)?

What’s your writing process like? Do you write the music or lyrics first?

I go through stages with writing. Sometimes I can be writing a lot, then I don’t write for a few months. I will write music first then lyrics. No lack of material though, I have three EP’s read and backlog of other tracks half recorded. My best work is when I freestyle over music with a melody and lyrics. I can do this all day long, picking up hook lines. I go to the studio and my Producer will say “what about this” or “try this” and I respect his incredible talent to say, “ok let’s try”. I like control of my music and its direction/sound down to the faintest instrument; with Ed I feel we have an amazing balance of a musical working relationship to achieve the same goals with the music. That combination is hard to find – he’s a genius and has gotten use to my singing then my immediate swearing down the mic when it’s a “good take” “bad take” or “what was I thinking” take.

What’s the best advice you’d give to your younger self?

To not care what anyone else thinks, just do it. Don’t let other people’s opinions of you matter. Of course, I would never listen to that advice and no one young ever does, At 18 I would be thinking, who is this old fool, what is she on about and why is she wearing flat shoes.

Give our listeners some music recommendations that we should check out!

Besides being a musician myself, I am lucky enough to have a radio show on 10am – 1pm weekdays called Eat my Brunch (get the plug in Michelle) lol. I am sent so much amazing music and love being able to share it. Here are a few music of my current music recommendations.

Ed Rome – EP ‘Common Ancestry’
Kaysien – PUSH
Mayfair Lady (New Arcades) – REALITY CHECK
Aleccss Daniel – MAGICAL
Abi Flynn – Courage
The Condriacs – CRAZY

Tell MoggBlog viewers about your latest release! What’s the inspiration behind that?


The track is about a friend who is having an affair as seen from a friend’s perspective. The “shut me in, shove me out” is how our friends can sometimes throw us to the roadside when a new love appears. Sweet revenge in song form, (never upset a singer/songwriter).

“It’s all romantic, feels fantastic, bedroom gymnastics” is part of the joy they feel. “that girl is so taken” once in the sense she is with someone else (married) and also that she is taken with the new lover. He’s a Dolly Daydreaming Fella about what might be but probably won’t. She stays married and he keeps daydreaming. The synchronistic events. This was the last song I recorded, and it came together quickly with my Producer Ed Rome. I had not spoken to my “having an affair” friend for a month. I was annoyed at him. I happened to be driving in Essex and stopped at traffic lights and there he was with his Dolly Daydreaming affair woman waiting to cross the road in a part of town neither of us would ever go to. I had asked for a sign whether Dolly Daydreaming was the right debut track to release. There was the sign. I said “thank you” to the Universe x

I have my second release SECRET SONG due out in September with my EP SECRET SONGS ready to go.

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