Interview with Marlee Quirarte

R&B meets pop artist Marlee Quirarte stopped by MoggBlog HQ to chat about dream collaborations, writing processes and preference on playing live or recording. Having released her exceptional new single ‘Know Me‘ worldwide tomorrow, Marlee is destined for greatness, and you heard it here first.

What are three words that best describe your sound?

Soul, innovative, mysterious

What is your writing process like?

I hear a melody & lyrics and I write lyrics first sometimes. If I have access to a producer or someone who plays an instrument – we will sometimes play around with different sounds I like and feel inspired by and then we develop the lyrics from there. I do best when I have the sound that inspires me.

If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Ah, I have so many.. 

I would collaborate with Prince, Sade, Queen or Jeffrey Osborne (from LTD). I think all of these artists embody the concept of innovation, strength, creativity and creative freedom-unapologetically remaining themselves and true to what they believe/want. Aside from the fact they are all incredibly talented and inspiring. 

Do you have a preference on performing live or recording? and why?

I think I enjoy both for very different reasons. I think live performance is one of the most inspiring/ amazing experiences you can have. Its an opportunity to physically release & connect with the audience personally. 

Recording is so so so fun because it is literally the innovation of something new. And invention is one of the most amazing things to me- and it makes me feel really good. I think it is one of the most incredible feelings of accomplishments and one of the coolest things you can say you do in this life. 

Speaking about the new single, Marlee shares, “The concept for this track is very personal. & one many can relate to. The breakdown of the song is that when someone you love and care about deeply for questions who you are at your core, it leaves you feeling rejected, confused, hurt and essentially feeling alienated. Throughout the course of the track you begin to feel and hear the transition of personal acceptance with oneself and the understanding that not everybody understands or cares to understand you- not everyone values who you are and that, ultimately it really doesn’t matter because you do.”

You can find Marlee Quirarte on Twitter and Instagram.

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