Adria Kain – Classic

R&B artist Adria Kain returns with empowering new single ‘Classic‘ featuring Leila Day – a track that celebrates the strength and perseverance of black women. An artist that’s looking to steal the spotlight from mainstream artists, this passionate artist is certainly one to keep a watchful eye on.

Explaining her thoughts on the track’s extraordinary message, Adria had this to say, ““I’ve recently entered the stage in my life where I finally feel like I can be completely free and whole within myself, especially as a queer, masculine presenting black woman. I’ve also grown an even higher level of respect and appreciation for black women as a whole due to the simple fact that many of us hold a huge level of strength and perseverance that is unmatched and often unspoken.

I wanted to create something not only for myself, but to help uplift and remind all black women that we are loved unconditionally regardless of experience and societal views, and to encourage the idea of continuing forward in all that we aim to do no matter what tries to interfere because we are classic examples of royalty and anything is a possibility. This video represents just that, two classic black women sharing special time together and uplifting one another in as many ways possible during a day in the city.”

Two words to describe this track… instant classic

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