ShojiZero – Not Hiiiii Enough

Effortless artist ShojiZero is back with haunting new offering, ‘Not Hiiiii Enough’. Armed with a trap-equse rhythm that will leave you thirsty for more, this bass-heavy number even has fragrances of metal flair to oomph its attire. Produced by frocious, ‘Not Hiiiii Enough’ is a gritty single that flows freely and comes across as a standout moment in ShojiZero’s discography to date.

The sinister sound samples reflect the lyrical narrative, which is one of rampant illicit activity due to inflated egos, and how being overly confident can often do more bad than good. “If you follow the lyrics, it tells a pretty violent story” ShojiZero explains, “There’s a shooting involved, drug dealing, and some pretty graphic stuff. My overall purpose with this song is to warn younger people of becoming too confident.

Don’t get me wrong, confidence is essential for many things in life. But too many people today think that they’re greater than themselves and that they’re above the natural way of things. “Not Hiiiii Enough” is basically a song about people who pretend to be something they’re not, and it gets the best of them. Average high school and college-aged kids love to act like famous rappers, celebrities, and mobsters when they couldn’t be further from that. Some people simply don’t know how to be humble and I feel like that is a major contributor toward the many social issues that we face today. As a young, independent artist the last thing I want to do is continue to promote this blindly arrogant mindset.

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