Interview with viA fAntAsticA

A DIY synth-pop collective consisting of J.T and Gaia de Voxx, viA fAntAsticA are the real deal. I sat down with the duo to talk about their new album 2 any 1, writing processes and the late, great Prince.

What’s your writing process like? Do you write the music or lyrics first?

I try and vary the starting point each time I write a track. Sometimes i’ll have an idea like ‘write something sinister’, or ‘make a track that sounds like 80s pop radio’. Sometimes the starting point is a bit of dialogue, or a drum beat. Of the songs on the album, Day after Day and Acrid began with the lyrics, whereas Row Town started with the music. There’s no set formula.

What would be your dream support gig? Bonus points for place/venue.

Grimes – at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. I’ve seen her live twice and loved it both times. The AB is just a fantastic venue – great sound and a brilliant atmosphere.

If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?


What’s the best advice you’d give to your younger self?

Don’t take it all so seriously

Tell MoggBlog viewers about your latest release! What’s the inspiration behind that?

2 any 1 began as an imaginary soundtrack to a 21st century kitchen sink drama set in the faded seaside resort of Porthcawl. That all went under because of Covid and the album began to take a different shape: less conceptual, more personal, more free-ranging. So there are songs and tunes about Cardiff communities and community action, there are bits of field recordings, loops and inspirations, and there are things that just sounded right. Conscious influences included early Human League, Nu-Rave, Italo-Disco, and Buscabulla,

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