Larry Mindel – Whisper the World Away

If you’ve been following MoggBlog for a while, you’ll be familiar with the wonderful music of Larry Mindel. Exploring common ground that unites us to help us make sense of our times, Larry’s music comes across as innovative with elements of folk and jazz thrown in for good measure. As Larry’s first collaboration with Italian producer Matteo Galesi (Ten Fe, Omahrose Frnak Mada), the track is coupled with Larry’s signature warm tenor vocal, poetic lyricism and unexpected changes in dynamics and time signature.

Coming across as complex in areas and a captivating three minute symphony, the track was recorded in lockdown in the winter and spring of 2021 via London and Barcelona. Concerned with moving into mature adulthood and contentment, the track details independence and finding your own feet in a world that heavily influences us all.

You can follow Larry Mindel on Facebook, Bandcamp and Instagram.

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