AtticOmatic – Jericho / Align Us

Brighton based quartet AtticOmatic release double single ‘Jericho / Align Us‘, demonstrating their genre-defying boldness. From first track ‘Jericho’ and its iconic swirling synths to second track ‘Align Us’ featuring hypnotic harmonies, these two singles showcase introspective lyricism and captivating vocals throughout.

AtticOmatic share their thoughts on the tracks, “These two tracks are an amalgamation of our lives in lockdown. With the focus on division, separation and longing. We also leant into more of a bedroom produced feel. Because that’s the only way we could record it. But we think there’s no shame in changing sounds so we feel that these tracks are just as much our own than anything else we’ve written.”

Both tracks are complex in their own right and blend alternative R&B, and hip-hop together to create a soulful jazz soundscape that comes across as innovative. Destined for greatness, AtticOmatic are something special, and a band that I’ll be keep an eye out for, that’s for sure.

You can follow AtticOmatic on Facebook and Instagram.

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