EZYBLK – Roll By

Emerging UK artist EZYBLK is back with highly anticipated single, ‘Roll By‘. Taken from his forthcoming debut EP, the latest release dropped at the end of March. Oozing with talent, EZYBLK is an artist that deserves to be on your playlist, and bigger than that, performing in a sold-out arena. Offering fans into a glimpse of what’s to come from the upcoming EP, the inspiring single showcases how diverse EZYBLK’s sound truly is.

Explaining his thoughts on the sophomore single, EZYBLK reveals, It’s so crazy because I can’t even fully remember the whole process. Roll By was one of the first songs we made. I had an instant connection with the producers and we just made a vibe. We had a session and decided to make something from scratch. I wanted to incorporate the “Jiggy Jiggy” melodic bit, so we put down some drums and bass and just went from there. Nothing was planned, I didn’t have any lyrics before we started making the beat. So, when we were discussing which song was gonna be my first official single it was only right that it’d be ‘Roll By’. It was the beginning of our journey and the song that really set the standard for our work moving forward.”

“Roll By” uses afrobeat rhythms to portay its summer infused arrangement. Someone sign this guy up already! Could we be listening to the next Skepta? I think so.

You can follow EZYBLK on Instagram.

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