Black Star Jackals – Party People

Glasgow based quartet Black Star Jackals release melodic wonder ‘Party People‘ to start the year off in the right way. Quickly gaining support across the web, the hard rock outfit will resonate with fans of Foo Fighters, The Amazons, Biffy Clyro and Alter Bridge. Bathed in a hard-hitting production straight from the soul, lead vocalist Kieran McFarlane’s captivating vocals soar throughout the release with elevation. Walking side by side with a passionate rhythm section and bold guitar melodies, ‘Party People’ is the anthem that’s needed for the world.

Singer of Black Star Jackals, Kieran discusses the message behind the track, “the uplifting riffs are haunted by vocals delivered through a forked tongue. Sang from the point of view of one’s inner demons, the lyrics are joined by a rhythm section hell bent on compelling you to join the party, and dance away your dreams. The words ‘Party People’ came about from us imagining a crowd rocking out to this at a party. Then we decided to put a twist on the meaning, instead suggesting that the ‘Party People’ are kind of like mindless sheep, dancing away their dreams. You can draw whatever analogies or metaphors with real life you choose.”

An instant classic, the vibrant production on ‘Party People’ is unforgettable.


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