Naomi Dawes – Skin & Bone

“A departure from the more slower paced, softer sound of previous entries, this is a track that commands movement”.

Birmingham based singer-songwriter Naomi Dawes takes the next step in her career and changes the pace in new single ‘Skin & Bone’. Evolved from her indie soul sound into a fierce electro-pop soundscape, the newest release explores a haunting arrangement. Still paying tribute to her iconic spellbinding melodies, the captivating new sound is refreshing and showcases this artist is constantly growing. Recorded and produced in her bedroom at home, Naomi then took the song to engineer Casey Orange from Bay Ten Studios to create a mesmerising production. Filled with seduction and desire, the lustful number showcases Naomi’s distinctive voice.

An empowering artist illuminating that the West Midlands music scene is one of the best in the country, ‘Skin & Bone’ deserves to be in the charts. 


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