Redwood – The Radio

Singer-songwriter Redwood unleashes her second single ‘The Radio‘ into the wild. An artist with layers of personality and character not only within her music but off stage too, Redwood is known for her powerful vocals and haunting melodies.

Speaking on the release, Redwood mentioned, “’The Radio’ is an upbeat pop song about feeling down! It’s a song about wanting to drown out my negative thoughts by turning the music up on my radio. When I originally wrote it, it started off as a slower song, but then I started playing around with a couple of the notes in the chords on guitar and it sounded so much better in a more upbeat tempo! I got to record this song at Rockfield Studios in South Wales, which was such an amazing experience as the studios have a huge amount of history with other musicians and artists creating music there.”

The Radio” is an elegant pop song with tonnes of charisma. Bathed in memorable lyricism and controlled instrumentation, the second single from this songstress is an impressive indie-pop track with a soulful edge. Destined for greatness, Redwood’s new single is sure to grab your attention and never let it go.


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