MoggBlog’s Monday Magic #21

Duan featuring Julia Lostrom and Simba Andrews – Care

Melbourne based producer Duan unleashes lo-fi soul track ‘Care’. Featuring Julia Lostrom and Simba Andrews, the track journeys through emotions while holding onto it’s careful nature. Reassuring listeners with it’s powerful mind, ‘Care’ grabs your attention from the first beat. On the release, the collaborators stated, “Pondering during a nice walk in a park on a sunny day… would be the best way for us (Duan, Simba and Julia) to describe “Care”. Sonically we have smooth Lo-fi drums, gospel chords mixed with a dancing jazz saxophone (performed by Yang Chen). It is accompanied by romantically wholesome lyricism and swirling lush tones done by Julia and Simba. We wanted to send a message of assurance to our loved ones that we still do care, no matter what tragedies the world has put between us.”

‘Care’ features ethereal sound, raw soundscapes of optimism and a feel-good nature. Alongside an interesting amount of instrumentation, the intricate arrangement includes a rolling beat that sounds exactly like holding a key down on an iPhone. Using a positive mindset, ‘Care’ couldn’t have come at a better time. A time where we need to be told people are there, ‘Care’ is a necessity on your playlist. 


JDA – I Try

Empowering songstress JDA returns with her first single of the year, ‘I Try’. Taken off her forthcoming EP, ‘I Try’ was self-written, produced and recorded by JDA herself. A force to be reckoned with within the pop industry, JDA’s message is to inspire and empower women from across the globe. ‘I Try’ is a soulful experience straight from the heart, and straight from a place that feels relatable to many. JDA mentioned that, “Written as a response to peoples unwarranted opinions, I Try is a single about peoples unwarranted opinions of the way i look and live my life.”

‘I Try’ has a subtle jazz vibe to it’s arrangement and it unfolds with a fierce soul soundscape. A mellow backdrop that captivates, the sultry single is another step up the ladder to success. A unique sound that comes across as original, ‘I Try’ pays ode to it’s inspiration while flicking it’s hair with elegance detailing to always stay true to yourself. With JDA’s EP following in November, the newest release showcases an artist with layers of potential. A bold statement that motivates listeners, ‘I Try’ is creative and lets listeners relate. The world is your oyster, JDA. 


Wisecrack – Free To Roam

Poole based quartet Wisecrack unveil new single ‘Free To Roam’, taken from their upcoming third album ‘The Grief Dance’. Comprising of Matt Wise (guitar/vocals), Pete Balderston (bass), Luciano Takahashi (guitar) and Pete Wright (drums), Wisecrack strip down to a simple arrangement with Matt being the main performer. An acoustic anthem with a passionate nature, the folk infused single is completely different to their previous repertoire. Slower and quieter than all the rest, hearing Wisecrack in this gentle light is stunning. On the release, the band stated, “’Free To Roam’ is about Matt moving from city to city basically since birth and then finding a home in the South West of England during lockdown. Despite there being an isolation period, this time of his life never felt so free.”

A track with a coming-of-age feel, the enchanting single details finding your place in the world and feeling free. Something we’re all longing for more than anything right about now, the freedom within this track is hopeful and a positive force. Memorable and calming, ‘Free To Roam’ isn’t exactly a new direction for the band. Still sticking to their guns and creating music without limitations, the new single just shows how diverse the outfit can truly be. 


GAL – Door You Slammed

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Singer-songwriter GAL spices up listeners life with her latin pop debut anthem ‘Door You Slammed’. Already feeling like a classic, ‘Door You Slammed’ channels a songwriter with a whole lot of character. A sassy attitude to go with infectious track, GAL’s debut single is a fierce post-break up number with a strong latin essence. On her debut single, GAL says, “Door You Slammed” is about telling someone they’ve missed their chance with you. Somebody has more or less “slammed the door” and now they’re knocking on it again. It’s about deciding you deserve better than that. Or to put it short: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.:

‘Door You Slammed’ may be the beginning for this songstress but the future looks vibrant. Recorded in Fullerton, California and produced by David Francisco, the debut features a mesmerising vocal performance from GAL. With a string of singles to follow this year, GAL’s glistening sound is bathed in individuality and nostalgia. A songwriter with a unique take on pop music, ‘Door You Slammed’ fuses influence from contemporary while staying close to the classic latin sound. Bound to get you swaying to its contagious beat, ‘Door You Slammed’ is available to stream and buy from all major platforms. 


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