Phoebe Marshall – If You Begged For Me, Would I Have Stayed?

Phoebe Marshall releases the follow up to her debut single ‘Don’t Tell Her’ with exceptional new track ‘If You Begged For Me, Would I Have Stayed?’. Recorded virtually during lockdown between Phoebe and Leeds based producer chris Mulligan, the new single is packed with ethereal synths and bewitching harmonies.

On the new release, Phoebe had this to say “‘If You Begged For Me, Would I Have Stayed?’ is the ultimate break up song. The amalgamation of irrational emotions is emphasised through offbeat lyrics like, ‘I picture your body on hers, but I pretend that you never kiss her on the mouth’. (Inspired by watching Pretty Woman for the 100th time). It’s Lorde meets Phoebe Bridgers. Taylor Swift meets HAIM. That juicy pop with an edge.

A nostalgic anthem that feels empowering to thousands with it’s relatable nature.


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