MoggBlog’s Monday Magic #18

Blow Pop – Nobody

Blow Pop return with the track that the world needed right about now. A track that gives you adrenaline for the week ahead, ‘Nobody’ is the perfect single to stick on when feeling demotivated. Comprising of Bubble and Xantham, there’s a nostalgic presence within this band’s aura, and it feels refreshing. As the follow-up to their debut single ‘Put You Down’, the alt-pop single is Detroit based Blow Pop’s latest venture into the disco revival. On the release, Blow Pop mentioned, “‘Nobody’ is a song about desire. Desire to change, desire to love, desire to desire. Depending on how deep you dig, it could also be a song about the desire to desire desire. We wrote it with this theme in mind, given that we had been desiring to do so since we released our first single. Now we desire fame.”

’Nobody’ highlights a change. A change in style, and vibrance, this music is the future. Creating a colourful soundscape with no limitation’s, ‘Nobody’ searches for energy and finds it within it’s emotive lyrics. Only the second single from the glistening duo, Blow Pop deserve their name in lights, and it certainly won’t be long. While the track illuminates that it’s a ‘nobody’, this distinctive styling is showing listeners it is definitely a somebody. 


Tom Baird – Seventh Sea

Singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer Tom Baird releases his third single of the year ‘Seventh Sea’. A number bathed in indie rock sensibilities, there’s a nudge towards dream-pop in the soothing arrangement. No stranger to the industry, Tom’s career has blossomed with each release, and ‘Seventh Sea’ hears the songwriter in a honest limelight. On ‘Seventh Sea’ Tom Baird had this to say, “Written in an almost conversational style between two people, the song talks about the confusing and often disorienting process of recognising accountability for mistakes and misdeeds, and growing from past friendships and relationships, be they fleeting or long-lasting, healthy or troubled.”

Recorded in a day with engineer Emma Marks at RAK Studios, the self-produced track was assisted by Sam Button. Alternative indie at it’s finest, ‘Seventh Sea’ takes listeners through twists and turns of exquisite surprises. Tom Baird creates music that flows freely without being pinned down to one genre. There’s moments of Jazz, Americana and even Folk within the mix of ‘Seventh Sea’, and it showcases an artist bringing numerous influences to the table. An intricate performance with one hell of a powerful vocal, Tom Baird’s new single streams with dark textures and spirals through themes of growth. An artist I’m lucky to have found through Musosoup, Tom Baird’s ‘Seventh Sea’ will sit happily on any of your playlists. 


Abi Muir – First Date

Australian singer-songwriter Abi Muir releases electro-pop wonder ‘First Date’. Abi stated the the track was “produced in collaboration with BNDLSS, mixed by Simon Cohen (Studios 301) and mastered by Oli Morgan (Abbey Road Studios).” Featuring a star studded line up on the creation of the track, ‘First Date’ is the fourth single from this young artist. With a vibrant future ahead for this songwriter, ‘FirstDate’ highlights the end of a relationship but the beginning of something special for Abi. A fierce dance track with electro-pop elements, this track’s aim is for you to forget about your problems and get lost in it’s mix. 

‘First Date’ swoops in with elegance, but it feels like it has a darker side. The lyrics tell the story of frustration to the heartbreaker with teenage angst fuelled moments, while the instrumentation interprets a slight sinister side. It’s chord progression is elevating yet somewhere minor. Creating this tense feel for the track, ‘First Date’ is completely different from the traditional mainstream pop track’s out there at the moment. A theatrical experience, this rollercoaster ride single is a track that would instantly get you dancing with it’s infectious beat. Distinctive and memorable, Abi Muir grows with each release, and at the young age of 16, the world is in her palm. Is there anything this songwriter can’t do?


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