The Endorphins – Afterglow

Stockholm based siblings The Endorphins release their mysterious second EP β€˜Afterglow’.Β An EP consisting of 5 tracks, the dreamy soundscape features alt-pop and R&B sensibilities. β€˜Dead or Alive’ is a track bathed in grooves, and something you’d hear in a nightclub (remember those days?). A track destined to get you dancing and inducing endorphins, β€˜Dead or Alive’ is alt-pop at it’s finest.

Previously heard track β€˜Parachute’ lets the gravitational pull of it’s R&B nature pull you in further. Vocalist AMAYA, β€˜Home’ is the lead single from the EP, and features an empowering duet. β€˜Space Between Us’ is a nostalgic wonder fuelled with The Endorphins true R&B influence. The same title as the EP, β€˜Afterglow’ radiates a euphoric backdrop of utopia.Β 

”The EP is largely based on relationship experiences we’ve both been through. It’s very much a feel good record. There are songs about falling in love, being unconditional with someone or wanting to get through something together. Every song has a hopeful meaning to them. The title summarizes the feeling of the record perfectly, it’s preferably played watching the afterglow skies while the city rises”, says The Endorphins


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