MoggBlog’s Monday Magic #17

Owen Duff – Family Tree

Owen Duff’s latest wonder is an alternative pop-rock number with experimental fragrances in it’s mix. ‘Family Tree’ is the first release from his upcoming concept album to be released later this year. An artist highlighting an his empowering story, this diverse songwriter glistens in a mist of harmony. On the release, Owen mentioned, “This track is relates to how mankind, at least in the west, does not live in harmony with nature as trees, for example, do, but strives to invent and expand. This ultimately uses up the resources we need to survive… I contrast this with nods towards being gay, not procreating and therefore opting out of this madness of survival.”

‘Family Tree’ is coated in a vibrant soundscape of every genre you could ever think of. Music without any limits, Owen Duff’s range of influences creates something different in today’s chaotic industry. A track that’s longing for something else, the deep message within it’s core is desirable and something we all long for in some way. Telling it’s story of human nature being, sometimes, destructive, ‘Family Tree’ has the power to make people stop and take Owen’s story in. Owen Duff is clearly saying to not follow any usual rulebook, and to always be as true to yourself as possible.


Gillian Heidi – desperate

Young songwriter Gillian Heidi has the world in the palm of her hand. Returning with the third single off her upcoming debut album, ‘desperate’ features a slick piano line around Gillian’s warm vocals. Hearing this artist fully connect with her music is an experience that needs your full attention. A journey through her signature style, Gillian Heidi states that, “The song is about conflicting emotions arising from a strong attraction to someone while being in a committed relationship. Like all of my music, the song draws from an uncomfortable situation I found myself in. Writing about it, helped me process those feelings and move on”.

Truly emotive and poetic, ‘desperate’ is a plea for forgiveness and illustrates an artist ready to move on. Gillian may only be 16 years old, but it’s her maturity that showcases her strength. Soulful and ready for wherever the future may lead her, it’s no wonder this artist is creating a growing buzz. Desperate for your attention, this track is a thoughtful process documenting a relationship going sour. While the instrumentation flows freely, the lyrics are stuck in vulnerability and strive for happiness. Authentic and independent, Gillian Heidi is a sensational artist and her eyes are clearly on the prize… becoming the new face of commercial pop.


Indy Angel – Move On.

Move On.’ is the powerful debut single from Melbourne based singer-songwriter Indy Angel. A fierce single that’s been on repeat on my playlist since it’s release, Indy Angel means business. ‘Move On.’ shines through an independent light, shrugging off the past with sass and no apologies. Co-written with Bailey Sampson, the honest single was written in a matter of hours. Indy Angel had this to say “After writing a song with this much emphasis on letting go, you feel a huge weight lifted off of you. Sometimes you need a bit of a push to feel like you again, and this is that push.” 

Produced by Rob Amoruso (Jakubi), the electro-pop track infuses RnB elements and has the strength to leave you bobbing your head and swaying to every beat. Stylish and something you’d hear a supermodel strutting their stuff down a catwalk to, this number holds it’s head firmly high with attitude and confidence. A debut unlike any other, Indy Angel’s relatable single oozes with distinctive rhythms and influential vocal tones. Free from unnecessary negativity, this track signals to always allow for set backs but to never keep your eyes of what truly makes you happy. Highlighting to always move on from any toxicity, Indy Angel will always be by your side speaking the same language. 


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