Kim Yang – Garden of Eden

Australian songwriter Kim Yang reflects on her traumatic experience of the bushfires on New Year’s Eve with breathtaking release ‘Garden of Eden’. Released back at the beginning of April, the track focuses on the invisible damage caused by the bushfires. Written as part of Kim’s healing process, the single is a comfort for many listeners across the globe during the current, difficult climate. 

On the release, Kim stated, “I’m so proud of what I have achieved in this song. It’s different from my debut EP (Ocean of Mind), where I performed and recorded live organically in one go then added other instruments later. This time I got excellent musicians work to collaborate with me. This song is recorded and produced by Canberra’s own award-winning musician, producer and sound engineer, Guy Lilleyman, who also features on piano for this song. I was also luckily able to get my good friend Tabitha Hart to play cello, which really added the depth I was looking for. 

I used to be a shy person. I buried my feelings and refused to open up to others. But music and song writing have helped me express myself. My mission is to encourage all people to be comfortable with themselves, and to be confident enough to embrace their passions and share their stories. Once you do you will find that your stories and experiences resonate with many others.” – Kim Yang

An emotive track with a spine-tingling arrangement of hope. Showcasing stunning ethereal vocals, the haunting melodies that sit on top of the mix are heavenly.

Score: 4/5