MoggBlog’s Monday Magic #4

Pizza Daddy – Too Many Boyfriends

Fairly new project Pizza Daddy consists of duo Ross Pearce (vocals/synths) and Mike Stothard (guitar/synths). After spending the last 5 years in London dream-pop band BOYS, the founding members are now taking a break and focusing on the new project. Returning with their second track to date, ‘Too Many Boyfriends’ includes a slightly different direction for the two-piece. Written in their bedroom and then recorded at a friends home studio, the track was mixed by Lewis Whymark at Fluid Mastering. On the release Pizza Daddy stated, “The song was written about a friend of ours who was dating a girl he really liked, but he kept mentioning he felt like she was dating other people behind his back and had ‘Too Many Boyfriends’. He was doing exactly the same behind her back so we didn’t understand where he was coming from, in the end it all worked out fine and they are now officially together”.

Dream-like in some sort of haze, ‘Too Many Boyfriends’ holds onto dream-pop while nudging towards brit-pop. With jangly guitars as a prominent element of the track, it’s the melodic vocal phrases that gives the track that extra light. The just under 4 and a half minute wonder will pull at your heart-strings with it’s power of imagery. While breathing the message of someone having the wondering eye, the comforted sound that goes beside it makes you feel reassured that things will be ok, and just like the end of their friends story, it did. ‘Too Many Boyfriends’ is a powerful second single from London based duo, and illuminates a glowing future for the two-piece.


Dreuw – Heavy

Andrew Burke aka Dreuw is an indie-folk singer-songwriter based in Leeds. Marking his first release since 2018, Drew mentioned this about the release,Heavy’ is written from the standpoint of an individual trying to endure supporting the mental health of his other half, to the detriment of his own. The attentiveness shown from society on those who suffer with mental health is hugely important, as it should be, yet we sometimes forget to consider the weight that it can place onto those closest to them. ‘I guess it’s a feeling of isolation and helplessness that is consuming the romantic partner in this instance. They’re yearning for a sign that the love once there is not lost.’ Distinctive with his emotive music, ‘Heavy’ is a twist of indie-folk meets electronica. 

Showcasing a maturity in his songwriter, ‘Heavy’ couldn’t have been released at a better time. In the current climate of the world, ‘Heavy’ feels relatable and a whole other level of personal. Hearing a songwriter get into the bones of his music is empowering to hear, and hopefully motivational for other artists to do the same. With Dreuw’s new material exploring an array of different themes, the message behind this track highlights how this is his strongest track to date. ‘Heavy’ isn’t a burden on anyone’s shoulder, and if anything, it’s a comforting feather that floats with guidance. A breathtaking new release from one of Leeds’ best songwriters at the moment.


Haley Fishberger – Un Known

Returning with her first release in two year, Haley Fishberger details an honest performance in indie-pop ‘Un Known’. While holding onto the essence of a ballad, the danceable heartbreak track illustrates the sadness of leaving a distant lover. Using a soulful approach to it’s core, the track features electronica as a sub-genre to give the single that extra oomph it needs. Haley mentioned,  “I wrote this song after inconveniently falling in love with someone who lives in the UK (hence the title, “Un Known”). It would be months before I returned,  which created a buildup of uncertainty. The music reflects this with its combination of dreamy nostalgia and zesty anticipation. I think of this track as a spiced-up love song. The bold production and lyrics suggest that I can vulnerably long for someone, while confidently celebrating how ‘unapologetically dramatic’ I am.”

Highlighting that she’s a thoughtful artist with layers of individuality, ‘Un Known’ breathes empowerment for many heartbroken people across the globe. The new single is like the love-child of pop and jazz, creating this soulful originality. Creating something different in today’s modern world can be tricky, but Haley’s bringing something unique to the table. ‘Un Known’ features bold lyrics and a subtle edginess. A stunning return from a songwriter that needs to be on your playlist. Clearly making a statement with her releases, Haley Fishberger is one to watch. 


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