MoggBlog’s Monday Magic #1

The Tonalities – Chances

Sunderland based alternative rock quintet The Tonalities stormed onto the scene with their debut single ‘Chances’, back in the beginning of April. With elements of pop rock in the latest number, the chances of this track becoming a prominent part of the band’s repertoire for years to come is strong. Warming and a stunning debut, the track was recorded in one day at Hartlepool based studio ‘Wood Cottage Collective’. Lyricist Charlie Thompson explained “The song is very much a ‘does what it says on the tin’ or in this case a ‘does what the title would suggest’ following the ideas of taking chances and risks through life.” She then goes onto explain the specific nature in which the lyrics were wrote “Splitting two people’s opinions, the main body of the track focuses on contradicting the initial statement made in the first line – “Taking chances has gotten me nowhere.”

Featuring a powerful arrangement that will get you showing to all your friends and family, ‘Chances’ is the perfect debut from the youthful group. If their debut sounds like this, can you picture what their other releases will sound like? Mind-blowing. Female fronted vocals are the powerhouse that drive the song from start to finish, but the overall instrumentation shimmers with truth and gets straight to the point. The groove hidden underneath the core will make you sway to the rhythm and illuminates how powerful the rhythm section are. Known for their breathtaking live-sets, make sure to catch one of their shows when all the mayhem of the current climate is over. Overall, ‘Chances’ is a highly anticipated debut from the outfit that lives up to all expectations.


Zelah – Closer

Zelah are the London based duo that are truly glistening in the indie-pop world. Inspired by real life experiences of the band’s lyricist Zeal Van-Gowler, their songwriting has the ability to truly enchant a full audience . Returning with the atmospheric, alt-pop wonder ‘Closer’, the intimate soundscape showcases a dark but raw arrangement. Zelah mentioned ‘“Closer was written about 2 years ago when I first moved to London and it’s remained as one of our favourite songs to perform. There’s something really special and nostalgic about it to both of us, so it means a lot to finally be able to put it out. It’s full of conflicting emotions and is pretty reflective on the modern dating culture and the level of uncertainty everyone feels with a new relationship and where it’s going… But it also has a lot of those amazing, positive feelings in the early stages of something when you just can’t stop thinking about someone.”

Passionate and giving alt-pop a fresh face, Zelah are creating something innovative and unique in their music. Do you remember when London Grammar came onto the scene and everyone was stunned with their talent? The same is going to happen with Zelah, 100%. What’s so wonderful about the single is that it has the energy of an ambient, heart-wrenching number, but on the other hand, it illuminates a fierce, independent arrangement too. Showcasing both sides of the spectrum, ‘Closer’ pulls you in and never let’s go of your attention. For an outfit that have only been releasing for over a year, the duo are beginning to turn heads and if they don’t get their name in lights, we’re all buggered. A stunning new single from your new favourite duo, you can stream and buy it now. 


Mansion of Snakes – Turn Your Back

Released back in November 2019, Mansion of Snakes draw afro-beat, devil funk and cosmic jazz into the soundscape ‘Turn Your Back’. Based in Leeds, the outfit have a strong discography set behind them that’s proven to be a hit with fans all across the country. Across the album, there’s elements of political and personal lyrics from the eyes of vocalist Vanessa Rani. Featuring a powerful delivery through a wide range of instruments, ‘Turn Your Back’ is the 9th track on their most recent release. ‘Aside from presenting a rich & warm tapestry of sonic color, ‘Turn Your Back’ addresses the importance of social inclusion when faced with an out of touch political hierarchy’ mentions the band. With the social message behind their sound, Mansion of Snakes have a subtle punk arrangement to their repertoire too. 

Picture this. You’re at a colourful festival on a beautiful summers day with some sort of beverage in hand, and Mansion of Snakes take to the stage. Grooving into tomorrow with their infectious beats, they play ‘Turn Your Back’, you make your way to the front and begin dancing into the realms of discovery. There’s something for everyone in this band, and with their feel good vibe to their music, they’ll be one of your favourite discoveries of the year. Coated with a delicious organ solo, the organic feel to the track soars with confidence and a sense of independence too. Known for their soothing music, Mansion of Snakes are illustrating THIS is the year of the snake. 


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