Latir – Wallflower (Review)

Latir – Wallflower

London based alt-indie RnB artist Latir oozes with soul in ‘Wallflower’. Taken off his upcoming EP, the EP is due for release May 1st. Teaming up with Leeds-based producer Luvian, the RnB wonder blends Latir’s love for classic melodies and lyrical simply with Luvian’s synth-led, fun-loving rhythms. Latir’s influences include Chet Baker, Nat King Cole, Frank Ocean and King Krule to name a few. 

Latir mentioned; “This was actually the first creation Alex (Luvian) and I ever got started on, we made the verses on my birthday a while back but couldn’t get the chorus quite right that day, a year later we revisited it and the chorus came like a spark out of no where, and I think we have both have been in love with the tune ever since! For me it represents all the things I love with music, classic melodies, a fun story line, a serious bounce and a concept that has been close to the heart since I could remember! This one is a staple piece for me for sure.”

‘Wallflower’ breathes a refreshing energy that isolation is craving. Blending a soulful pop arrangement with fragrances of electronica in the mix, the latest single breathes originality. 

Score: 4/5


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