Dead Dads Club – Dance to Whitney (Review)

Known for their big attitudes and even bigger songs, Dead Dads Club are a band from Malvern with a whole lot of swagger in their songwriting. I first heard these guys play at Lakefest in 2019 and was completely blown away by not only their showmanship, but the overall charisma they had in their songwriting. They reside in the indie genre, but with layers of garage rock, they’re doing something completely different to other indie artists I’ve heard in ages. Now back with their demo ‘Dance to Whitney’, it’s a go to track to dance around your living room to with your family while in lockdown.

Frontman Lee mentioned; “The song came about when we were trying to pick the mood up from being shut in with no chance of going to the pub or gigging. We pulled out Whitney Houston’s second album, got drunk, and just danced around the house.

For a demo, it still has features a killer arrangement that I can’t wait to hear live. If you’re ever in the West Midlands part of the UK, get yourself to a Dead Dads Club gig, they’ll blow your mind. 

Score: 3.5/5


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