Rowlette – Letters (Review)

Rowletteโ€™s first release of 2020 is the intimate, indie-pop ballad โ€˜Lettersโ€™. Describing a tale of lost friendship, the sound of โ€˜Lettersโ€™ conveys its subject matter beautifully with a close, poignant amount of instrumentation. Produced, mixed and mastered by Beardfire Studios, โ€˜Lettersโ€™ showcases Rowletteโ€™s unique and instantly recognisable style. 

On the inspiration for the track, Rowlette says โ€œI wrote this song about a friend of mine that I hadnโ€™t heard from in a while. We were always those kind of friends who could go ages without talking, but when we did it was completely normal. Except this time it was radio silence.โ€

Sweet yet with a strong head on itโ€™s shoulders, โ€˜Lettersโ€™ is a powerful moment in Rowletteโ€™s career that will always sit highly at the front of her discography. 

Score: 3.5/5


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