Neon Dreams – Turn Back Now (Review)

Halifax indie pop duo Neon Dreams return with their new release “Turn Back Now”. As the follow up to their recent album ‘Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams’ released last July, the band will take to the road for their U.S tour in March. The new release is an extremely personal one for frontman Frank Kadillac, who witnessed his mother going through chemotherapy during cancer treatment. 

“Her experience made me realize the power of positive thinking and inspired us to create a song that would help inspire others facing struggle. I used to think that making music was just a cool thing to do and a way to make myself feel better, but then I realized just how much it affects people’s everyday lives.”

An important track that would sit at the front of anyone’s discography, the emotive number preaches that it’s ok to feel upset. Comforting listeners with their heroic track, the raw track breathes honesty. 

Score: 3.5/5


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