Blondie Diamond – 4AM Eternal (Review)

Brightening any soundscape with their dream synth-pop sound, Blonde Diamond use unapologetic and captivating lyricism to conduct their music. Vancouver based, the outfit have taken to stages all across the globe, and have even shared bills with bands such as Portugal. The Man, Broken Social Scene & Chromeo to name a few. Released January 10th, “4AM Eternal” is their first track of the year and showcases swirly guitars accompanied by sharp rhythms and a bridge that will fight its way into your brain with every muscle. 

About finding confidence in multilove, the track was recorded at Spotify’s Secret Genius Studios in LA with producer and Pharrel collaborator Jesse McGuinty (who also performed the sax solo). “It’s an indulgent, fantastical love note to being open about unashamedly exploring your desires and really not giving a flying fuck what other people think.” With a strong sense of independence and a firm head on it’s shoulder, the track embarks listeners on a soul-searching adventure to stay true to themselves. A contagious synth-pop number that sits on any playlist with confident eyes. 

Score: 3.5/5


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